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Oh good, more of this nonsense.

Friends, there are few things that make me angrier than living in a nation that has prioritized the right to own an assault rifle over the right to live without fear of being murdered. I scarcely know the facts of this latest shooting, but I don’t need to. It is always exactly the same: approximately two days of Facebook thoughts and prayers, parents begging for something to be done, and exactly nothing being done by the government that’s supposed to protect us.

Bonus points if there is some shmucko on Facebook pointing out that background checks/video game ratings/mental health care “wouldn’t have helped in this case” or claiming even more guns would make us safer (have you seen the statistics tho? Of course you haven’t). Nah, I’m not here for your justifications today.

We are told that a majority of Americans want some form of gun control. (Not this lady though.) Sadly, we have a president who doesn’t care what Americans want. He will go to the ends of the earth to keep a single refugee/Mexican from crossing our borders, but 19 shootings in the first six weeks of the year and he’s offered zero solutions. (Though you can bet that if the shooters weren’t almost exclusively white males, he’d be proposing something logistically impossible and insane to shut that shit down right quick.)

Here’s what this idiot who will do jack shit to help American school children ever be safe had to say:

My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school.

Haha, good joke. I would believe you more if you had a soul, you Cheeto POS.

Here is a man who regularly disregards the first amendment and hasn’t even read the rest of them, but he probably sleeps with one of those creepy and overly aggressive bald eagle NRA T-shirts under his pillow. #2ndAmendment #OnlyAmendment

No matter. I don’t see this as a partisan issue and I never have. It’s a question of moral decency. The refusal to try something — anything! — to stop the bloodshed is despicable.

Happy Valentines Day, I guess. 🙄